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12.2.2018 - 11.5.2018 - Classes in the Spring semester 2017/2018



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Other Forms of Presentation

Contact persons: Bc. Alžběta Gvoždiaková or Jiřina Krejčová (

Direct emails to students

  • Development and Counselling Centre can send direct emails to students through information system ISIS. Students can decide what kind of services they would like to be informed about. The prices change every month according to the number of registered students.

Projection of a PowerPoint presentation on 3 big LCD screens in the VŠE premises

  • The service contains presentation of maximum 2 slides in PowerPoint, without sound, on 3 LCD screens paralelly. The presentation repeats on the screens during the whole day together with other presentations. Only events taking place at the VŠE premises or competitions for students can be promoted by this service.

Presentation of client’s posters (A1 size) on the stands in the VŠE premises

  • The service contains posting of posters on the A1 size stands in the VŠE premises most frequented by students (the passage between New and Paradise Building).

Leaflets on the stand in the VŠE premises

  • The service includes placing  of leaflets (A4 or A5 format) on the stand in the VŠE premises. Only HR leaflets are allowed (no product promotion).

Informing students about an event on the Centre website and on Facebook

  • The service contains publishing of detailed information about an event organized by the firm on the Development and Counselling Centre VŠE website and to the profile of Development and Counselling Centre on Facebook where we have 4 320 fans state by the September 1st, 2017.