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Renting Glass Display Cases in the Campus

Contact person: Bc. Alžběta Gvoždiaková (

The service contains renting of the glass display case on the ground floor of the New Building or renting of the new glass display cases on the first and on the second floor of the Old Building of VŠE. The client can alter the content according to his current needs.

Renting of the display newly includes:

  • promotion of a company on the website - list of companies using the displays
  • possibility of firm's own presentation on the centre website
  • presentation of job offer in the centre's glass display cases for free

List of firms using the displays (only in Czech).

Renting a glass show case in the New Building

  • The glass show cases near Vencovský's lecture hall (opposite the lecture room D) have size: 96 x 107 cm (4 glass show cases).
  • The glass show cases near the lecture rooms A, B and C have size: 135 x 95 cm (15 glass show cases).

Current state: 1 show case available (size: 133 x 94 cm)

Renting a glass show case in the Old Building:

New glass show cases were situated on the more attractive places- in the rest and study areas on the first and second floor of the Old Building. They have modern and all-glass design.

  • The glass show cases on the first floor have size: 120 x 86 cm (13 glass show cases).
  • The glass show cases on the second floor have size: 86 x 120 cm (6 glass show cases).

Current state: there are 2 glass show cases available on the first floor (size: 120 x 86 cm)