Partnership With VŠE

Contact person: Ing. Martin Rey (

The Development and Counselling Centre prepares contracts between the Prague University of Economics and Business and corporate partners. The partnership usually has the form of 1-year contract that can be prolonged in case of interest of both partners. It includes specific points of cooperation, mainly in the following areas:

  1. Partnership itself and related PR activities
  2. PR at social and professional events
  3. Mediation of contacts with students and HR activities (e.g., job fairs, job advertisements, career workshops and presentations)
  4. PR activities (in different forms – in textbooks,  at sport events, in glass display cases in the VŠE premises, etc.)
  5. Partnership in exclusive study programs (CEMS, Honors Academia, etc.)
  6. Any other form of cooperation interesting for the partner and the VŠE.